SCA ROTA – Rotalatch

SCA ROTA – Rotalatch

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  • Unlike other latching locks of this type, it is impossible to manually “jam” the SCA ROTA – Rotalatch, which would otherwise prevent it from latching when the door is closed
  • The internal locking mechanism/latch is monitored to be sure that it’s
    actually latched and locked
  • The presence of the door striker is monitored to be sure that the door
    is actually closed
  • Status monitoring output indicates “locked” status only when the
    striker is detected (door closed) AND the internal mechanism is in the
    locked position
  • Very compact design – can be used in smaller than normal spaces
  • Strong holding force
  • Face-mount and side-mount options both inherent in the design
  • Customized mounting brackets can be manufactured to suit customer’s



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