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Distribution board

Distribution Board

 Eight 1.6A DC outputs, each individually switchable by

    means of slide switches

 Each output protected by “Polyfuse” resettable fuse

•  Short circuits on outputs do not affect other outputs

 Each output has green “ON” indicator LED

 Each output has red “FAULT” indicator LED that indicates  

   output short circuit

•  One high current output with normal glass fuse, also with

    red “FAULT”

•  LED to indicate fuse blown

 Control input that facilitates remote switching ON or OFF

    all outputs

 LED that indicates main supply ON/OFF

•  Has “BATTERY LOW” and “MAINS FAIL” alarm outputs,

    which are dry contact relay outputs (NC)

4-Way Distribution Board

Code: DWB - 1        

to order:  Reference code:  C02

8-Way Distribution Board

Code: DWB - 2        

to order:  Reference code:  C03

•  12VDC Operation

•  Normally open contact trigger

•  Adjustable timer: 1 seconds to 30 seconds via pot

•  Fail safe and fail secure 12VDC output

Code: TBSW 50       to order:  Reference code:  C01

Timer Board

Timer board

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