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100W Power Supply

Product Code: SEP 8Amp Powerline

 110VAC~230VAC input selected by switch

 Power on indication

 Metal case

 Protections: overload/short circuit

 Battery reverse charge protection


 AC input voltage:

 DC output voltage:

 Input frequency:

 Inrush current:

 Hold up time:

 Overload protection:

 Operating temperature:

 Storage temperature:

 Operating humidity:

Code:  SEP 8A PL                         to order:  Reference code:  B03

110VAC~230VAC input selected by switch

12V @ 8Amp


40A @ 230VAC full load cold start

20ms @ 230VAC full load

300% I0

0° to 45°C

-20° to 70°C

5%~90% RH non-condensing

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