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•  Available in white and brown

 Concealed terminals

 Now with additional protection of reed switch

•  Used in all conventional alarm installations

 Large Ferrite magnet

•  Gap width 22mm take and 26mm break

Code: MMC08 White N/C

to order:  Reference code:  E17

Code: MMC10 Brown N/C

to order:  Reference code:  E18                                 

Surface Mounted Magnetic Contact

Normally Close Circuit Type

•  Gap width 22mm take and 26mm break

 Rated at 40V 0.2A

•  Concealed terminals with easy mounting

 Now with additional protection of reed switch

Code: MMC06 Brown N/O

to order:  Reference code:  E19

Code: MMC07 White N/O

to order:  Reference code:  E20


Normally Open Circuit Type

•  Designed primarily for use with loosely fitted and

    misaligned doors and windows

•  Magnet will operate from almost any direction,

    making those “hard mount” installations simple

•  Gap width 35mm take and 55mm break

Code: WMC31 Grey N/C       to order:  Reference code:  E21

Code: WMC32 Grey N/O      to order:  Reference code:  E22


Wide Gap/ Heavy Duty Magnetic Contacts

•  For concealed mounting in wooden & metal frames

•  Operating gap approximately 25mm for normally

    closed circuit

 Rated 0.2A 40V

•  Normally closed or normally open available

Code: RMC02 Brown N/O     to order:  Reference code:  E23

Code: RMC01 Brown N/O     to order:  Reference code:  E24


Flush Mounted Magnetic Contacts