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Door Retaining Magnets

For Fire Doors, Hospital Doors & Cinema/ Theatre Doors.

The fire magnet is a door holder i.e.  It’s function is to hold a door open, working against the force of the door closer. Therefore it is not a very strong magnet and requires minimal current draw.

•  The Fire magnet will normally be mounted on the wall  

   directly behind the door

•  12V and 24V

 Holding Force: 25kg

 Face mount only

 Compact size

•  Low current draw

•  Lock size: 80mm x 67mm x  31mm

 Equiped with a release button which removes

    power from the coil

Code:  SEP 80/67 F              to order:  Reference code:  E01

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Product Code: SEP 80/67 F

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